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Hwashin tech realizes 21st century technology
through research and development.

Please meet the technology of Hwashin tech Introduction of research institute

Technology research institute

Hwashin tech co., Ltd. has continuously studied technology development as specialized manufacturer of press mold for car since the foundation of the company in 1985, and established affiliated technology research and development institute of the company in August 12th 2010. Hwashin tech obtained excellent manpower, cutting edge computer system and test equipment for long term research development plan with the establishment of technology research and development institute, and performs industry-university-research institute joint research and government run research project for the development of cutting edge technology like new technology/new material/new construction method, and positively pushes ahead with fostering specialized manpower for research and development through specialized education of researcher of the institute, on the other hand, devotes all our energy to playing pivoting role in the accumulated technology till now and the development of 21st century press mold technology in the future.

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Hwashin tech technology research and development institute composed separate specialized teams in charge of CAE analysis, CAD/CAM technology, plastic deformation prediction technology, research and development of special mold and technology development of difficult to mold material and so on, and more spurs research and development to maximize the capability of technology research and product development.