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Quality system

For quality certification system to be established, responsibility and right is specified according to quality policy, and human and physical resources are distributed, and procedure to carry out these is specified and fulfilled.

  1. Quality policy
    : Suggesting policy and direction of quality
  2. Quality manual
    : Requirement for applying quality system
  3. Procedure & guideline
    : Expressing activity of organization for carrying our quality system factor
  4. Quality record (Work instructions, form, report etc.)
    : Specific evidence of execution of quality system
  • - Using through all stages from plan and development of product to mass production
    Implementation of enhancement measure necessary for investigating and understanding substantial
  • - cause of specification irregularities that happened during process, preventing reoccurrence
  • - Implementation of management and continuous enhancement activity of process on the basis of 6sigma activities
  • - Continuously checking the degree of implementation of work process, and improving and supplementing, to decide suitability for requirement of established quality system.

Quality/product safety policy

Hwashin tech co., Ltd. will realize customer satisfaction by increasing continuous enhancement activity for satisfying the expectation and demands of customer for quality, credibility and safety of product, and supplying the product that secured the best quality and safety in auto industry.

  • Customer-oriented
    Responsibility for quality and product safety management activity and expectation/demands of customer should be precisely recognized by all employees, and should be sincerely arried out to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership
    Manager sets up goal for achievement of customer satisfaction, and communicates with all executives and staff members, and actively participates in, and supports establishment of plan, implementation, evaluation and action to achieve it.
  • Operation of management system
    Continuous improvement is carried out by measuring and evaluating result, because management system through process approach is established and operated for the purpose of most effectively/efficiently achieving the goal.
  • Product safety
    Positive activity should be carried out to improve safety of customer at each step from design and manufacture to delivery of product, and product that secured credibility and safety is supplied.
  • Participation of all
    All executive and staff members understand the importance of contribution to, and role in quality/product safety, and show ownership through participation in management activity, and develop their ability for achieving the goal.