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    HWASHIN TECH Design and Build Robust Stamping Dies

We welcome everyone visiting
Hwashin Tech homepage.

Now Hwashin Tech strengthens its position as the leader
of the industry on the basis of manufacturing technology
of press mold for car, built up at Hwashin co., Ltd.
that shared the quickening period of Korean auto industry.

We will do our best to satisfy the demand of precision mold
on the basis of technology, cutting edge facilities and
excellent manpower for the best quality, and is expanding
the function of technology research and development

Hwashin tech promises to be the leader of cutting edge
mold technology, as all executives and staff members
push on technology development and quality improvement
of product as attitude of researcher, going beyond
customer satisfaction, till we move the customer as
the trusted partner to customer, according to proposition
that Hwashin tech exists because customer exists.

Please always pay attention to, guide and encourage us.

All directors of Hwashin tech

  • CEO
    Yoo-jin Jung
  • COO
    Yong-hoe Kim
  • CFO
    Sung-wook Bang
  • chicago
    Chicago, USA. manager
    il-jin Jung