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    HWASHIN TECH Design and Build Robust Stamping Dies

Global leader of design and manufacture of mold!
Hwashin Tech

Hwashin Tech is a tier 1 stamping mold(Die) maker for many major global OEMs such as Hyundai, KIA and Ford. Regardless of how many changes made to projects, Hwashin Tech can reorganize its resources to provide the best result for our customers. Our teamwork with our suppliers are Korea's best and we are well known for our capability to revive troubled projects that are sent in from elsewhere. Let's join hands with us. We will prove why our name "Hwa-Shin" guarantees Harmony and Trust with our customers. Thank you.

Company info

  • Foundation dateMay 3rd 1985
  • Capital KRW 4,850,000,000
  • RepresentativeChairman Jae-Hyung Jung
    President Yoo-Jin Jung
  • Employees120 persons
  • Sales per yearUS$ 35,400,000(2012)
  • Major customers (Local)Hyundai motor, Kia motor, Posco, Hwashin
  • Major customers (Overseas)FORD, RENAULT, GM, CHRYSLER, MAGNA, METALSA etc.

Management philosophy

  • Creating high added value
    Satisfying expectation of society
    and investor
    by creating high added value
    with new technology
  • Realizing the best quality
    and customer satisfaction
    Realizing customer satisfaction with
    the best quality and service
  • Profit return,
    self enrichment,
    providing opportunity
    roviding opportunity to use and
    develop ability,to grow continuously,
    and to develop themselves by
    returning profit to employees
    and making safe and healthy workplace
  • Conservation and
    protection of natural
    Conservation and protection
    of natural environment
  • Setting an model of local
    community development
    Setting an model of local
    community development
  • Realizing competition
    in good faith, and
    coexistence and
    Realizing service to national
    economy through the competition
    in good faith between companies,
    and coexistence and coprosperity
    of company


  • VISION World Best Engineering Company with Tooling Technology
  • MISSION Innovation & Takeoff 3030 - Establishing a foothold for the next 30 years until 2016, our 30th anniversary
  • Strategy
    1. Value Based Management
    2. HR Based Management
    3. Growth Based Management
  • Strategic Tasks
    1. Improve production efficiency competitiveness through cost reduction
    2. Establishment of a foundation for engineering enterprise
    3. Maximize the business value
    1. Establish new personnel system
    2. Founding an education system
    3. A better reward for a better outcome
    4. Growing outstanding individuals in global market
    5. Reinforcement of Organization Capability
    1. Reinforcement of existing businesses
    2. Securing exclusive new technologies
    3. Entry to new businesses (Diversification of profit structure)