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Recruitment procedure

  1. 1.Submission of document-Application at homepage
  2. 2.Document evaluation-Document screening evaluation
  3. 3.1st interview-Job interview and staff in charge interview
  4. 4.2st interview-Executives interview, English interview and presentation interview
  5. 5.Medical checkup-Executives interview, English interview and presentation interview
  6. 6.Final acceptance-Individual SMS notice, new employee training, preparation for entrance

Common things

  • Military duty fulfilled or exempted and no reason for disqualification to travel abroad
  • A command of foreign language is preferred

Screening method

  • Document screening
  • 1st interview: Staff in change and team leader interview
  • 2nd interview: Executives interview, English interview, capability diagnosis evaluation
  • Physical examination (List of persons who passed document screening and interview schedule:notice on homepage)

Common things

  • Common
    Resume, cover letter, job application form(online job application), resident registration, diploma of final education, transcript of academic records, certificate of career, copy of certificate in corresponding field, letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes(if any)
  • New employee
    Copy of official foreign language score, confirmation on actual training in industrial field (if any)