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right people for hwashin tech

Hwashin Tech believes in its people.
Needless to say, they are the reason why we have become who we are.
And we know, only they can determine Hwashin Tech's future.

Manpower is the most important value and asset of Hwashin tech
Fresh type of talented person who will lead future with originality and spirit of challenge is pursued

position system

  • Staff
  • Senior staff
  • Assistant supervisor
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant manager
  • Manager

Fair evaluation system

  • Establishment of performance management system of organization and individual through MBO, accordingly, set-up of independent goal, self-constrained achievement, objective evaluation of result is strictly applied.

Capability-based reasonable promotion system

  • Person promoted is decided through strict evaluation of personnel committee for the promotion candidates who reached prescribed level through reasonable evaluation about personnel record of organization and individual, completion of education credit, seniority and other individual talent.

Screening method

  • Breaking traditional seniority system
  • Estavlishment of different reward system according to capability and effort
  • Induction of active business activities due to implementation of annual salary system for senior staff and over
  • When business performance goal of company is exceeded, implementation of performence-related pay scheme by paying bonus