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28th Anniversary Ceremony of Foundation (May.3th, 2013)
next list Chairman Mr. Jae-hyung Jung Received An Honorary Doctorate (May 27th, 2013)
previous list Designated as Root Technology Specialty Company(Mar. 7th, 2013)
writer 관리자 hit 2123
date 2013.05.20
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Dear Hwashin Tech family members!


It is great pleasure to hold the anniversary ceremony of the foundation to look back on establishment of our company and firm our will to take off when the throbbing of life in nature can be felt in this new spring.


It’s extraordinarily cold last winter. Unprecedented cold wave and snowfall had frozen our heart.

However, new buds sprout from the frozen ground as they always did.


Hwashin Tech never stops challenging even we were undergoing hardship and ordeal like the grass come in to bud after enduring a hard snowy winter.


The reason why Hwashin Tech could be making his own history with continuous growth even under through all the adversities is because of Hwashin Tech’s tenacious root.


Let us make Hwashin Tech keep growing based on creative ideas, extend marketing with challenging spirit and open new takeoff age with trust!

Let us pull all the passion and wisdom of all the family members together to make Hwashin Tech to be an enterprise which has a vision, moves others and is full of hope.


Really appreciate everyone’s passion and sincerity to make today’s Hwashin Tech and wish all of your families are happy and luck.


Thank you!